How do we respond to life?

How do we respond to life?

We are seeking to understand Nature and the strategy that a cell uses to thrive in its environment… have they lived so long?
Cells are energy efficient because they use their energy to the fullest extent to survive. We waste our energy all the time. When we waste energy, we are throwing away life; because energy is life. That’s why, when it comes down to it…the real question is, “How do I respond to life?” Looking at how cells maneuver and live in their world supplies a template for us, teaching us how to move and live in our world. If we understand how cells do it, and then treat ourselves in the same manner, our cells are going to prosper. And if our cells prosper, then by definition we are having a rich and full life.


10 thoughts on “How do we respond to life?

  1. It took a long time to understand this in my life, I´m very interessed to uplift and know more about all this teachings and thank you for your official comment in Facebook

  2. When I proved to myself that what I ate & when & how much – made a difference — in how I felt, slept & focused — VITALITY!

  3. I healed myself from a tumor in my head that among other things had caused me to lose my ability to hear which is completely restored now. I have applied the principles explained by the biology of belief in my body! I am writing a book about it to teach people how to heal themselves of any illness if they are open to the idea! 🙂

  4. What’s the secret to cell prosperity? This could mean the end of auto-immune debilitating pain do you think. Thank-you

  5. Knowing that if I believe it I will see it. My PYSCH-K Basic class with you and Rob Williams in Summer 2010 in Denver
    . I just completed the Advanced Integration class with Karen McKy this past weekend and in July am doing the Divine Integration Retreat in Crestone, CO. Thank You Bruce for all that you have given to the world and how you touch people’s hearts, minds and spirit with your joy, intelligence and passion!!!
    Love the Honeymoon Effect too!
    Susan Clift, Sioux Falls, SD

    • My thoughts and feelings speak to my cells. When I started to realise that, the conversation changed.

      Why would I yell at or abuse my cells with anger and fear. They are so grateful for the Love, Peace and Joy that they now receive from me each day.

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