What was your life changing moment?

My life-changing moment occurred while I was reviewing my research on the mechanisms by which cells control their physiology and behaviour. Suddenly I realized that a cell’s life is fundamentally controlled by the physical and energetic environment with only a small contribution by its genes. Genes are simply molecular blueprints used in the construction of cells, tissues and organs. The environment serves as a ‘contractor’ who reads and engages those genetic blueprints and is ultimately responsible for the character of a cell’s life. It is a single cell’s ‘awareness’ of the environment that primarily sets into motion the mechanisms of life. 



14 thoughts on “What was your life changing moment?

  1. Maybe not what you were looking for but I have had a few life changing moments I call my rebirths but the most recent rebirth is exactly 4 years ago this very day when feeling very angry at the world because amongst other things a close friend had died suddenly at 32. It seemed so unfair and beside myself with grief I angrily said ‘it better get better than this or I am outta here’ almost instantaneously I literally felt a voice inside me say “by the book you have on your wish list on Amazon. That book was “The Secret”. That book changed my life, made me realise how our thoughts Positive or Negative shape our lives and this lead on to many other books including Quantum Physics and your very own ‘Biology of Belief’. Result I am far happier and calmer than I have ever been in my life and the list goes on for the things I Am grateful for as well as optimistic about the future

    Also a quick one I was discussing The Biology of Belief 2 days ago with a friend when I explained how I was studying psychometric testing and the psychologist training us said we can try to changes ourselves but it is impossible, we will go back to our genetics and the DNA inherited from our parents. Unusually for me I argued my disbelief in this fact. We had to agree to disagree and I have never used this qualification because of this, losing faith in it. When I read The Biology of Belief it was like, yes yes yes !! I knew it. We are not victims to our genetics.

  2. My life changing moment came when, as a Physiotherapist, I came across the work of John E Sarno MD in 2007. Finally everything made sense when I realised that chronic pain, although very real, is actually emotionally-induced and therefore driven by the brain and nerve pathways, not a result of tissue damage where the pain is felt. Your work about beliefs and what’s going on at cellular level then enhanced my understanding further and helped me as my whole approach to life in general and my career began changing. Thank you!

  3. In the past 10 years i’ve had several awakenings. From learning about interpreting the bible contents to studying alternative history to astro-theology and discovering the living oracle. All evenly important. And more recently fortunate to make acquaintance with the beautiful knowledge of Bruce Lipton, The Biology of Belief.

  4. My life changing moment was when I discovered that I am enough! I suddenly discovered that I don’t need to please anyone else to be loved. I have to love myself. When I found that, my whole life started to shift and I now am able to really make a difference because I am being authentic to myself! Now I am truly available for others….. What a gift life is

  5. Thank you for asking! For me it was when my hairdresser told me to read “The Law of Attraction” by Jerry and Esther Hicks. This book opened my eyes to what I failed to see in my life before that moment, that it has been this force, guiding me to what I had dreamed about as far back as childhood… Through this awareness I have become a bit more careful about my choice of dreams. I write about my current experiences in my blog and hope to one day put all my older stories (which showed me the proof of this law’s existence) from before this discovery in a book, to help more people understand that we all have an amazing power, whether we are aware of it or not, that can ultimately create a better future for everyone, if only we become more mindful. http://happypollyesther.com/

  6. when i was in Virginia on Sky line drive, sitting out there enjoying the beautiful scenery and just at that moment in time the world looked HUGE and I realized that I am just a tiny speck in the whole scheme of things. It was at the moment that I realized deep in my soul of souls that it’s really not all about me. It was a beautiful moment. Life is to be enjoyed…every single sacred moment. Its a gift. That’s when my attitude towards myself , others and the world at large just transformed. Ever since that day I have felt an awe for life that wasn’t there before that moment. I guess I just kinda woke up and starting living. It was a very cool thing.

  7. I have also had many life changing moments. The first was volunteering as a teenager. I was lucky to see the power of love and the true meaning of love as open non-judgement “come as you are” . I knew at that moment the true power of love. It is real. It is my wish that people would know this love and feel it for themselves, but this is such a hard task. However, if we can extend this love to each other, maybe this will rub off on each other and a ripple effect could be seen. I have seen the magic of offering non-judgemental love to someone when they are feeling their worst or hating themselves, so I know it is real. Another life changing moment was when what I had been preaching about unconditional love for so long, became necessary to extend to myself. I had been battling with “losing weight” and food obsessions for so long. It was not until I gave up the need for weight loss (as my only beacon of happiness) that my obsession for food basically disappeared. It was looking at the larger picture, loving myself, and letting go of my need for a perfect body that changed my life in such a profound way. There are many many more life changing moments. I write about my struggles with Binge Eating disorder in my blog. http://www.amermaidnameded.com. Your work is interesting. It is great that so many people are beginning to accept the profound effect environment has on the living being. When you look around and feel the wind on your face and know that this same wind has traveled from across the ocean, there is no way to deny the interconnectedness of everything. Sometimes, it is hard to accept the interconnectedness because there is so much suffering and since knowing we are connected means we can make a difference, the responsibility can seem overwhelming at times.( in my opinion anyways) But, taking a step back and focussing on self-care illuminates a path that shows that influence alone of one healthy organism to another may have an even greater profound impact. It is awe inspiring to see the mirroring that occurs in nature and the effect this can have.

    -A Mermaid Named E.D.

  8. 27 years ago my first daughter was born. Her eyes were wide open and looked deeply into mine and at that moment I knew that the Love that I’d always believed was possible – but had not yet experienced in my mundane life – was. I never looked back and began my search to experience that kind of Love in all of my relationships. The next life-changing moment was when I was led to the discovery of the power of Story.

    Bruce, I am very grateful for your work and your words, thank you.

  9. It’s been rather a process for me. If I had to name one particular moment, it would probably be the beginning of a long period of panic attacks and the discovery of a self help section in a local book store. Back then I couldn’t understand what those horrifying physical sensations were and was looking for whatever help I could get. Those panic attacks have in fact turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as they’ve led me to a better understanding of a mind-body connection, psychology and related subjects. ( Plus, I no longer suffer from the panic attacks). I also believe that this understanding has helped me to avoid following my family health pattern later in life (so far, at least). In a space of one year I’ve lost to illnesses three of close relatives, who I loved dearly. It was like a domino effect, or a family curse of a kind, as my loved ones just kept getting ill one after another. In fact, I was the only one, who didn’t, probably (at least partly), due to the instinctive realization that I needed to allow myself to take some “emotional breaks” from time to time – an emotional time off to feel something other than gloom and doom, in order to be able to function and help others. Later I came across the “Biology of Belief” , which has confirmed a lot of what I knew in my heart. I am a great fan of Bruce Lipton’s work !

  10. My life changing moment (time) was coming down with and eventually recovering from ME/CFS. This terrible illness actually gave me my life back, it taught me so much and made me realise I simply wasn’t living before.

  11. Everything started to change when I “accidentally-consciously” activated my dormant right brain hemisphere during meditation and within 4 days an extraordinary flow of information from my solar plexus (abdominal brain) started to change my view of everything in this world. After 4 years I am now convinced that this connection is the actual missing or lost link, that holds the answer to humanitys most pressing questions. It is in fact our portal to consciousness and this connection can only be established through the right brain hemisphere, which as we know , is currently overrun by the dominant left hemisphere. Hemisync, as you name it, should become an absolute priority for any eduactional plan on this planet! You might want to read the forgotten book by Julia Seton:
    http://www.forgottenbooks.com/books/The_Psychology_of_the_Solar_Plexus_and_Subconscious_Mind_1000163011 (P.S. I absolutely disagree with Julia’s statement that the right hemisphere (with its connection to the solar plexus) is the “handmaiden”. In my humble opinion it is the guide for our life – our soul-connection, intuition and inner voice that points the way on which to walk savely through this world. The left hemisphere is the actual “handyman” that figures out the details, according to the individuals aquired knowledge in life.
    Best wishes

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